Unfold Our diapers and other produurs are neatly packed and pre-folded for convenience and space savings. Don't open the bag until you need them, as contact with humidity in the air can start the degrading process too early. When unfolding, check for any imperfections and inspect the diaper before proceeding.

During the shipping process, our SAP absorption layer can get a little thin around the folded crease and may need to be spread out. Using your fingers, massage and smooth out the crease for a couple seconds and this should help distribute the SAP through the diaper.

Run your finger along the leg opening where your baby's legs and the diaper meet once they are on. This will activate the leg guard, which protects leaks down the leg. Every little bit of coverage helps!

Keep an eye on the wetness indicator. It is a simple pH-strip but it can be very useful in the early detection of moisture. Since our diapers and wipes use viscose made from Bamboo fibers and a breathable layer between the absorption core and the outside sheet, they tend to feel more moist to the touch than conventional diapers. We think it is a good thing to wick the moisture away, hence our handy wetness indicator.